LaunchHelper is a service offering ran by social media, PR and startup experts.

LaunchHelper-TeamThe small core team consists of Ana Metz and Thomas Ohr. In 2012, Ana started out to build a leading online community focused on storytelling and creative writing. She created a highly frequented website on that topic, a strong community, and a Facebook page of almost 10,000 fans. Today, she also runs a weekly newsletter called Tuesday after 5 and manages several successful Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thomas is the founder and editor of, one of Europe’s leading startup publications. Each month, EU-Startups reaches over 350,000 founders, startup enthusiasts and investors (780,000+ page views). EU-Startups also counts more than 28,000 Facebook fans, 33,000 Twitter followers and about 49,200 newsletter subscribers. Before running EU-Startups (Menlo Media) as a business, Thomas worked in the German media industry. Till January 2016 he served as Senior Brand Manager at one of Germany’s biggest magazine publishers.

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